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Name Discord
Rodney Rodriguez Rodney#5915
Matthew Garcia Mastufaqu#3475
Carlos Del Valle ExoFenFen#4694
Ramil Rodriguez datboywonder#2329


A Coronavirus simulator in Minecraft to promote awareness and social distancing.


This Minecraft mod was created by using the Sponge Minecraft Modding API. The Mod works by infecting a player with COVID-19 which is tracked by extending a Minecraft Entity object to add various additional fields to the class. The virus can only infect Minecraft Villagers and Player entities. The first host infected with COVID-19 can infect any other entity that is prone to the virus within a configurable distance to the carrier. The surrounding entities that come into contact with an infected entity are tracked by the mod. We implement somewhat realistic transmission and fatality statistics to simulate the virus spread and damage in the real world. Our team conducted experiments with the virus in a variety of populations and we were able to simulate a bell curve when the entities were in close proximity. The curve was flattened when the entities were practicing social distancing.


This project was created for RowdyHacks 2020. Our team of four had no prior experience to building a Minecraft Mod so it was a learning process. Our goals were ambitious and we managed to get a lot done.

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