Due to the current pandemic of COVID-19 many of us are taking extreme precautions. The quarantine had us wanting to go out enjoy the outside world again, even more now since it's summer. This website helps people who want to enjoy their summer with the safest travel locations to visit. Powered by ML and Data Science tools, Coronacation uses NYTimes' and CDC databases to provide insights on how rapidly the coronavirus is spreading among the counties of the United States.

What it does

Our website provides a colored-coded map that indicates COVID-19 hotspots, analyzing the infection spread in every county. Aside from the map, we also offer the most relevant COVID-19 news from the CDC, as well as the Center's health guidelines and recommendations. Our goal is to ensure safety for travelers.

How we built it

With the domain coupon "FIREWORKS" we got ourselves domain and hosted it using netlify and Google Cloud Services. The website is connected to our GitHub repository so any changes made there will affect the website. We used Javascript, HTML, CSS, JSON, and other technologies while also working with Highcharts API.

Challenges we ran into

We ran into many challenges. While creating color-coding algorithms was one of the most difficult parts, we enjoyed working together as a team and figuring things out. Deploying the website took us a while also receiving data took a while.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We are proud of how us newbies were able to come up with an idea and made it work! It is amazing on how much you can accomplish with a team!

What I learned

We learned how to deploy a website with the domain we received using code "FIREWORKS" which took us a while. This is many of our first time using API's and we learned how to interact with it! The most important skill that we learned is team work. Before the hackathon my impression on working on a project with a team was everyone is by themselves but that is not the case. We learned to communicate well and asked help when needed, which is what a team is all about!

What's next for Coronacation Trip Advisor

Our plan is to further develop our AI skill and team skills. We will continue to work on the Coronacation website after the hackathon is done because we are really enjoying working together and make even start a new project in the near future using the skills we have learned!

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