Our team was inspired to make this bot as a lot of people and workers have been personally struggling with the mental toll of the pandemic and staying inside during quarantine.We wanted to make this bot as alleviation to their struggles and also to provide valuable information at the simple send of a message.

What it does

It interacts with the user using NLP from and provides vital info and support to the user during this time of COVID-19.

How We built it

We started with and Facebook and setup webhooks and messenger from a Facebook app, using ngrok as a proxy server.

Challenges We ran into

We had some trouble parsing the response we got from the Coronavirus API we were using as well as had some problems with setting up to bot initially to work on the ngrok server, but we eventually got both to work quite smoothly.

Accomplishments that We're proud of

We're proud of solving the challenges listed above and making something that has the potential to be helpful, useful and supportive to many people stuck at home

What We learned

We learned how to work with APIs, how to integrate with Facebook chatbot, and how to build a Facebook chatbot capable of responding on Messenger

What's next for

We are planning to add a lot more features such as matching with potential support/therapy groups and also a therapist matcher option in the future. Some other features coming soon should be more interactions and better training for certain action executions.

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