I was inspired by a few other high quality data trackers (Robinhood, Best Brokers, etc.) .

It tracks the coronavirus cases for each country.

I built it by using an underrated web scraping application called Parsehub. It is a simple app that lets you use some arrows and clicks to make a few hundred lines of json code. Next, I went to VS Code and started coding. First, I made the background and visuals of the app using the tkinter module. Next I got the data from parsehub and used the api key to track the data down. I used a class and a few functions to get the data part over with. After that, I started making the "main function" of the program. It did all the "important stuff" (checking the data, giving the results). After that, all I had to do is connect the main method to the button, which was easy using the lambda function. Lastly, I combined this all together to make a app that I am proud of.

A challenge I ran into was going into loads of tutorials. I couldn't do anything if I keep copying people. So I combined two of the NON-TUTORIAL programs I made. A corona virus voice assistant(in the terminal), and a weather app, and merged them.

I am proud of being able to make a decent app. I learned a lot during this experience.

I learned how to use a community programmer destination like Stack Overflow to put snippets of their code into my code. I also learned to process of game testing (or app testing, in my case), and debugging. The pressure of the deadline pressured me a lot but I didn't give up.

With the coronavirus Tracker, I am planning to find another website so I can add states and cities to my app.

Thank You!

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