Corona Escape

Escape from Corona Virus in this interactive VR escape room experience!


Ahmed Hamodi, Jay Dhulia, Dhruvin Balar, Shahil Patel


Corona Escape is a virtual interactive experience for you to work through some clues and eventually escape the room.

This experience was brought to you using 3D modelling tools like Aframe.

Along with a fully immersive experience, make sure to play with audio to witness the escape room in its full glory.

You can maneuver the escape room using WASD or your mouse (web) or touch screen (mobile).

To escape the room you need to solve the clues in a specific order to find the combination sequence for the door.

How fast can you escape? Can you beat your friends?

The game is functional on both the web and mobile.


Some screenshots of the gameplay are included above!


Enjoy this virtual escape room experience and make sure to get out in one piece!

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