A lot of people are looking for solutions to handle the Corona crisis in a big variety of topics. Therefore they have a lot of opportunities to choose between many pages online. Often it`s difficult to find the right answers on the questions.


"Corona Wiki" should serve as a platform to bundle all previously made public / published help offers / resources (financial, human, material, non-material) in order to survive the Corona crisis and also to mitigate the consequences. This platform uses a database to access all the entries on the web that already exist in the context and across countries.

When accessing the page, the user must always be asked first about their region or the region they want to find out about. This is the minimum attribute. Then there are two options:

Level query of the user on the searched topic: In a level query, the user is led to the results of his problem using the combination of selection fields (drop-down).

Free text search: The user enters his search term. Then the respective results that are in context are displayed.

Use case:

The use case of the Corona Wiki is that the user is quickly and clearly presented with all the offers and opportunities to help themselves. At the moment there are several websites per industry and country where you can register as a helper or person seeking help. Searching and evaluating them all yourself takes a lot of valuable time, which can already be converted into help.

However, if you can only register on one website (whatever), the possible impact / search radius is severely restricted.

With Corona-Wiki the search can be carried out quickly and extensively.


The algorithm behind this platform can be adapted to later crises (both humanitarian, ecological and economic). In addition, the platform (apart from the financial support offers) can continue to be used in the normal status of society in order to create added value for society.

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