Owing to the current pandemic situation, I remixed my old favourite space arcade game to a brand new game named corona wars.

What it does

Unlike shooting space monsters, here you need to knock down the virus using sanitising drops. Each level you will be given fixed number of drop bullets. You can collect power-ups like masks and vaccines to increase your drop count.
A mask gives +2 drops while a vaccine gives +5.
It has 5 levels with increasing difficulties. At the final level you need to defeat the final boss virus.

How I built it

It's built using pygame library in python. The illustrations for the game are taken from freepik collections and open sources.

Challenges I ran into

Since it was my first time doing game development , I was completely unaware of pygame libraries. I followed on tutorials and learnt it during the course of the Hackathon. It was pretty challenging for me to get the basics done right ,I even struggled in implementing basic game mechanics.

Accomplishments that I am proud of

Completed the game as per the plan.
Implemented Object oriented techniques with abstraction and methods.
Implemented the basics of game mechanics and collisions.

What I learned

An intro to game development.
Object Oriented Programming Paradigms.
Game mechanics and logic
Problem Solving
Game design and UI.

What's next for Corona Wars

-- Improve upon the game mechanics like random movements of viruses.
Also improve upon more powers ups, burst bullets and include more exciting levels.

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