coron*A* t*R*acker


COVID-19 has impacted everyone, we wanted to make people more aware about the situation and give them live updates of the cases. This app is built to bring information to everyone by eliminating effort barriers.

What did we learn?

We learn to work with echoAR (augmented reality software).

How did we built it?

We built the app using node.js and echoAR.

Challenges we faced?

None of the group member has experience working with echoAR or augmented reality, so it was challenging at the beginning. But with great team work we overcome the challenge and were able to implement the user stories we had in mind.

How does it work?

  1. coron*A* t*Racker visualize live updates of virus cases using **Augmented **R*eality.
  2. Scan the QR code from the app ( or print the QR code and paste it anywhere ).
  3. Click the pop-up message to get redirected to echoAR's website.
  4. Keep your camera pointed to QR code to see the 3D model and text appear on the top of the QR code

What's next?

Given more time, we would implement additional statistics, user-location-specific qr codes applicable to other countries and individual provinces/states, and provide additional support on our website for these qr codes.

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