The current outbreak of coronavirus and super spread across the globe.

Recent media trends show that a lot is being talked about coronavirus. Nevertheless, a reader might not be completely aware of the extent and the intensity of the virus spread all around the world. Since, Twitter being one of the most famous social media sources instigated an idea to track coronavirus updates that people are tweeting about world wide.

This web application can be used by many people who are attending mass conferences or meetings and are worried about coronavirus being spread in that area.

What it does

We consider social and traditional media - twitter and news sites to build our dataset. We crawled tweets from Twitter and scraped news from news sites. It follows the news topics or hashtags for coronavirus to fetch the tweets and news and hence, displays the analytics.

Since, it was our first time at a Hackathon, completing a project in 24 hours could not be successfully implemented. However, we successfully crawled Tweets from Twitter sphere based on the coronavirus buzzwords and also indexed them on Solr. Similarly, we scraped news and indexed the same on Solr.

How I built it

We used HTML for front-end, python and Django for middle-ware and Solr for backend data ingestion.

Challenges I ran into

Unable to connect front-end with backend.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Successfully collecting data and indexing them on Solr and coming up with the scope of project.

What I learned

Learning how to prepare an end-to-end solution through frontend and backend setup.

What's next for Corona Tracker

To improve the analytics and search queries.

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