People are experiencing mental pressure due to the solitude of national lockdowns, and fear of the disease.

What it does

Corona Therapist is a 24-hour webchat, staffed by licenced psychologists, who will give non-stop advice and discussions on overcoming the mantal impacts of the virus, dealing with loneliness, and answering questions submitted by people who participate. This will be interspersed with relaxation techniques, and ideas on how to keep busy and focused. Questions can be submitted anonymously, and are filtered and responded to by the therapist on staff.

How we built it

We're engaging with licenced therapists and counsellors about staffing the chat. We're recruiting marketers, developers and anyone interested to help publicize the program. We'll use developers and volunteers to coordinate the different platforms and questions coming in so that the assigned therapist can engage with everyone no matter how they choose to connect.

Challenges we ran into

We will run into the challenge of 24 hour staffing, technology complexity, and volume of people interested in participating, whether low initially due to lack of awareness, or high later due to larger demand

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Creating the demo, our website, and the streams which professionals can use to access clients.

What we learned

It's good to put in tight energy to get something running, and then expand over time. Hackathons really help.

What's next for Corona Therapists

Improve on product and refine methods of engagement Market and liaise with national response centres to bring clients onto the streams and platforms Hire and engage more therapists to staff the program 24 hours a day

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