With two people who knew HTML and CSS we decided to make a website. We also had one person who knew a little bit of python so we thought it could be fun to put a game on our website. Trying to think of ideas for games was difficult so after reflecting on our situation, we thought about quarantining and how it can feel so difficult to make sure that we are taking care of our mental health and our communities health by staying home.

What it does

Our project is a website that was built to showcase our game, Corona Simulator. The game starts when you click the run button. The purpose of the game is to not get hit by the blue squares which will result in an instant game over. The white squares on the other hand will not end your game but increases your mental health score.

How we built it

Nhi and Dalon built the website with HTML and CSS and Sarah made our game with python. We used an online IDE called to collaborate and build upon each other’s ideas. Whenever we ran into struggles or wanted to incorporate an idea into our project, we used online resources and beginner’s tutorials. Which helped a great proportion of our website. Sarah also used a video from Keith Galli on, “ How to Program a Game! (in Python) ” as a reference to create her game.

Challenges we ran into

Putting the game into the website: Using Python we found that it would be hard to put it into our HTML site. We decided that we would instead just upload it to github and put a link on the website. -Navigating -Recording the video -Formatting the website -The animations portion of the website

Accomplishments that we're proud of

-We didn’t use any templates, it was purely from scratch -The visuals of the website -Innovating on the game tutorial -Working through challenges together -The fact we completed it in 2 days

What we learned

-Learned how to incorporate animations into HTML and CSS -Learned how to collaborate with other programmers -Learning how to use -Learning how to build a game in python that had gravity

What's next for Cloud Simulation

-We would write the game in JavaScript in order to put it in the Website -More format and CSS -A start button, one that doesn’t rely on a third party to initiate the game We would change the icons to more than squares.

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