Based on the current situation that the world is living because of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), we tried to model a game to create conscience of the social distancing to stop the spread of the virus.

What it does

Using basic game mechanics, the game represents the situation that is happening in the society because of the spread of the virus. People are going to the market and get as much food and toilet paper as possible. The player need to collect all the necessary good in order to be safe in quarantine from the outside.

How We built it

In Unity using GitHub for collaboration, Piskel for art, and audacity for audio. Yes, we made the assets (Mostly)

Challenges We ran into

We had issues with GitHub for Unity, as well as Unity and GitHub desktop mismatches between repositories. Time was our biggest factor, with Steve being the strongest programmer, he had to fix the movement in game (waypoint grid) without any assistance from us. Alex ran into issues with trying to get the website for the game up and running. He tried to get an SSL certificate and store our data using google cloud, and it was the first time he has tried encrypting the data between the back end and the front end of his own projects. We wanted to include the following things but ran out of time:

  1. Environment (Such as expanding the map so you can't see where it ends)
  2. Timer for added pressure
  3. A dash system
  4. A life system
  5. Instructions and UI
  6. Japanese Translation

Accomplishments that we're proud of

That waypoint grid took so long we are amazed it works correctly The creepy music fits the atmosphere of finding toilet paper these days The sprites were a lot of fun to learn how to do, with a few tweaks to the code and with a continue in development we could definitely make the game a lot prettier.

What we learned

Creating a game can be difficult. Creating an element for the game can take time to refine and any bugs really stall out the production. Also make sure your technology works before you start building. We learned how to collaborate as a team, using our various strengths, despite the issues we faced on the technical side. We had a lot of fun, and we look forward to our next chance to show what we can do.

What's next for Corona-Shuffle-v2-Electric-Boogaloo

Full triple A release incoming on your local game console. Keep an eye out ;)

Our story:

The four of us are friends and leaders from our school's Japanese organization. When the professors sent out the emails for our yearly rowdyHacks we messaged each other to form a team. Our team consists of two Cyber Security majors - Alex and Sean, one Computer Science major - Steve, and finally we have our Computer Engineer - Sebastian.

Game Start: (Basic Game Instructions, typed a walkthrough)


Start on the right side of the store. You have 4 items that you need to collect. That being 1. Bread 2. waffles 3. Chicken leg 4. Eggs. Your goal is to acquire all of the items and make your way to the self checkout area at the top of the map without losing all of your lives.


The map consists of 5 main isles. There is a main starting point at the top right of the map, and your end goal is the self checkout that is located at the top of the map. In between the aisles, as well as above and below, are customers walking around. The 4 main food items that you need to get are on the ground in between the items.


You make your way in and around the aisles, picking up the 4 main food items. While you are doing this, you must also dodge and avoid the other customers. They are your main problem and coming into contact with one will send you back to your starting location. Once you get the 4 items to the self checkout area, you win.


This game is time based, and your timing can manifest itself in many ways. For instance, if you are slow in acquiring your items, you may lose the game immediately and have to start over.

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