We are looking for developers to help with Cloud infrastructure, Firebase, Python, Vue.js and docker. We are also looking for social network experts.

Register here: https://github.com/ch-covid-19/welcome (at the end of the page)


Flatten the curve, right?

We know that the state of the spread today will actually impact the society in a few days. Testing and isolation are the two main strategies to then forecast or reduce this impact. Isolation hits the economy bad. Testing is expensive, not widely available, and in some countries limited. Anyway it is near to impossible to test everyone in the planet. We want to allow communities to self-report their health status, and allow decision-makers to get a picture of the spread in 'real-time' to close that time gap between infections today and the next few days.

This platform is crowd-funded all around. The platform needs the support of people to be relevant for the people in need of this information, and it was created by the people who are in lockdown in many parts of the world.

The project was initiated by Swiss developers Nicolas Uffer, Christian Müller, and Guillaume Hochet. They open sourced their code so that many other people could join and spread the idea around the globe. This motivated an international team to extend their solution to developing countries like India and Mexico.

The original idea is self-checking for reporting, but once home tests are available it will become even more relevant. When we team together we can achieve anything! Anyone is welcome to join our team. If you don't see your country listed, join us and lead the effort to make it happen.

Technical Information

Here is the link for our github organization which contains several repositories for different functions


Our prototype architecture: prototypearchitecture. Improvements coming soon!

Here is a Youtube demo of our application: Demo

What we learnt:

Anything is possible if we stand together and work together.

Development Issues:

The web app was initially developed with Switzerland traffic in mind, but the developers quickly adapted the application for countries 15 - 100 times the size, thanks to the cloud technology. Now the web application backend runs on a serverless platform. Different countries use different postal code systems. For example, in Mexico we could not apply the same principles of postal code system as in India. People in Mexico are not accustomed to use their postal code as in Europe

Testimonials from contributors

@pksec: For me this was the first hackathon. I really enjoyed working with this team. I learnt a lot in 2 days. Also, a personal satisfaction that I was able to contribute something against humanity's fight against corona.

@CarlosMac: First hackaton here. I didn't know achieving what we achieved in a weekend was humanly possible. It blew my mind.

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posted an update

We are glad to announce that our app is now fully open source. We have started it for Switzerland and we want to replicate as much as possible for other countries. Today, we have setup teams for Mexico (thanks @Carlos Mac), India (thanks to @pksec) and Italy….We are open to make more teams!!!

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