At the moment, people are kept at home whenever possible and only use doctor's offices or emergency departments when necessary. As a result, many people are not tested for COVID-19 and the actual number of sick people is unknown. The only numbers that we have access to are related to the confirmed infected people. In order to fight COVID-19 scientists need access to more data and gain visibility over the actual health status of the population.

What it does

Corona Science: Together we fight against the corona virus!

Corona Science is a mobile solution that enables Swiss citizens, healthy and sick, to actively take part in the fight against the corona virus by collect and sharing anonymized/aggregated symptoms and health data in an efficient and fair way. The app offers a Daily Symptom checker, a summary of the symptoms reported and useful links to information and support provided by the Swiss Federal office of public health.

By using the app, the users agree to share the collected data in anonymized form to the Open Data community. In addition, a Web App enables users to analyse and visualize the aggregated data produced through the Corona Science App.

How we built it

  • The mobile app is being developed with React Native.
  • The web application is being developed with React.
  • Data backend is provided by MIDATA platform ( through FHIR API.
  • Data semantic is published as Open Standard with the support of eHealth Suisse.
  • Data analysis framework is built in Python and R.

Our solution is:

  • Free and open source
  • Data semantics is published as an Open Standard: FHIR definition
  • Anonymized data and visualizations are provided as Open Data.

Challenges we ran into

Working remotely required a lot of coordination between the various team members

Accomplishments that we are proud of

Learning a lot was a key accomplishment for many of us and we are proud of the product that resulted from all the work

What we've learned

We have learned to work as a team driven by a lot of motivation, even if the hackathon was online and everyone of us had a different background. By coordinating the work, everyone managed to give her/his contribution to the project.

What's next for Corona Science App

  • Launch the mobile app this week (beginning of April)
  • Finish the web application in the course of the following weeks
  • Continue to improve the app and aim for a lot of users to join!

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