This game was inspired by the game Mario run and was modified in an oddly simple manner to match the current situation in the world.

What it does

Corona Run explores all the aspects of Quarantine, from Social Distancing to Sanitization protocols.


If the game doesn't start from level 1, please click on the reset button (the same will be confirmed with a zap sound).

  • Double-click the green flag.

  • After this, click on the power icon to start the game.

  • Click the pink arrow in the bottom-right corner to proceed. Using the arrow keys (↑,↓,→,←) to navigate the sprite up, down, right & left respectively.

  • Avoid the coronavirus while collecting the sanitizing equipment (S) and making your way to the hospital safely to deliver the vaccines.

  • Follow social-distancing protocols.

  • Collect as many equipments as possible while maintaining your life which will earn you extra XP points. Have Fun :)

  • Once you reach the hospital, repeat the same process from step (1) all over again.

BONUS: At every (even) level unlocks a special mask which appears half-way to the hospital; gives you special protection against the virus to enable you to move freely to your destination.

Built With

  • scratch
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