Every one in the whole world is locked down. Government doesn't have enough kits to test everyone. So this was the inspiration to develop CORONA RISK CALCULATOR. People can have basic sanity check across 21 simple parameters which i have used in my web app. Plus this is a gamification kind of off for checking corona which fetch user engagement.

What it does

It take 21 parameters like Symptoms (Weakness, soar throat, drowsiness, is the person diabetic and other such symptoms) plus few general questions like Has the person has any international travel record in past 30 days, What is the current body temperature of the person? and few more general questions and analyses this with current COVID19 active cases. Heuristic weights are given to every parameter and hence result is calculated and shown on a very interactive and user friendly UI, In which the person can Share his risk result, can rate the app also can subscribe to updates.

How I built it

I build the web app on React JS, and deployed it to AWS S3 hosting, back end is deployed on an ec2 instance all the tracking is done through Google analytics, Firebase and Cloud Flare.

Challenges I ran into

Being a front end developer doing back end of this product was definitely challenging plus deploying it to S3 and making it visible through Route 53 were definitely challenging plus easy i would say because now i know how to do :) Collecting Data for the app was the most challenging task. Finally i landed using some scrapping of government data.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I am proud of making this app. Serving and Engaging people on this engagement plus Risk calculating app which can make people take a sigh of relief plus making there panic level down which is directly helping the government is a fact of which i am really proud off.

What I learned

I learned how to shape and design a product. Basically the complete life cycle. I made the designs on Adobe XD then decided architecture keeping in mind the target audience. Definitely i learned lot of tech stuff. But over that i learned how to make good UI/UX which would be easy to use and engaging for people when such lock down is there and everybody is looking for something engaging

What's next for Corona Risk Calculator

Currently I have made this app for INDIA. Next step is definitely to launch it for whole world. Algo of risk calculation can be made much better. So will surely be working iteratively on that.

Also to fetch good retention i build a news page page which fetches data and shows it in a clear crisp manner (CURRENTLY ONLY FOR INDIA) link is

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