After the recent hit of COVID-19, small businesses and people below the poverty line are much affected since their livelihood resides on a day to day earning. Everything for them has come to a standstill and it’s time for us to stand up to fight against this economic crisis. Economists are saying that, compared to the 2008 economic crisis, it’s much worse and COVID has seriously taken a toll on the economic sphere apart from taking lives. So, we as a team are trying to build up something to save the community as well as the small businesses from getting badly affected.

What it does

-Anybody affected by the current situation can place their food request (a. By calling b. By Website c. At Kiosk) -Gets connected to our partner. -Volunteers get informed about the delivery and pickup. -The food at your doorstep.

Volunteers: The people who were earlier part of the food delivery service ecosystem lost their jobs due to the pandemic, can join or partner with this venture. This serves as a unique opportunity for people who are adversely affected. Nevertheless, this is not the only criterion as people willing can join us as well to deliver food to their respective neighborhoods. We are only looking for volunteers who are ready to step up in this dire situation and save humankind. Our volunteering work ranges from distributing the Meal box to accepting requests through helpline as well as one can offer cooked meals.

Distributor: Connect to business partners to receive and deliver the necessity to the doorstep.

Business Developer: Find the areas which have been adversely affected to deliver food amidst the pandemic and to find business partners who are willing to donate food.
Cooked meal provider: People who are willing to help with their effort of making home-cooked food for the locals.

Donators: This pandemic has not only affected the large scale businesses but the ones with a lower scale are much more affected. We FOOD4ALL, have decided to partner with all the food businesses which have been affected of late, due to this global pandemic ranging from restaurants to grocery shops.

Requesters: The requesters are the people who do not have access to basic food due to the undue situation of this pandemic. They can be the worst people who are affected by this situation and we as a team are stepping up to deliver food to their doorstep. This caters to people who are adversely affected by this pandemic as well as the people who are finicky about stepping outside due to trepidation of contracting the virus. The requesters can reach us directly through the website, phone or at an already setup COVID kiosk where they need to register to avail the provision.

Why Us

You can donate as little as a cent, you can donate as much as Rs 3000. Our platform is agnostic to the amount you donate and we don't take any percentage for ourselves. We're benefitting two of the most vulnerable communities in the scope of the pandemic. The business model is self-sufficient on its own as we have a breakthrough strategy to combat the difficult supply chain management system with the help of volunteers. We love people and think no one should go hungry.

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