We all know that corona virus is a very dangerous virus and we all are worried about it. Corona virus enter human body through eyes nose and moth by our contaminated hand. When we go outside from our home unconsciously we touch our eyes, nose and mouth by our contaminated hand. The effective module introduced with personal protective intelligent hat. The hat integrated with a small circuit made by hall sensor, resistor, diode, transistor, buzzer, battery and switch. The manual switch is incorporated as per the requirement of on/off of this module. The novel corona virus has capability to enter our body by touching eyes, nose and mouth. This special type of smart hat is based on the working principle of hall sensor and neodymium disc magnet set ring. The hall sensor has ability to detect the magnet within the distance of 3-3.5 cm. The range of this distance will also able to change according to requirement. When the neodymium set ring get come close to the hall sensor, due to magnetic field a voltage difference create in the hall sensor this voltage difference is also known as hall voltage. From this hall voltage an output current generate in the hall sensor. This output current goes through the resistor, diode and transistor. After activate the base part of the transistor the current flow to the buzzer and make the buzzer active. Sound of the buzzer alert the person from unconsciously touches of eyes, nose and mouth. This invention claims its importance on the basis of present scenario of world and it is obvious to introduce in new industry sector.

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