We felt lazy at home with these shelter-in-place orders and thought it would be nice if there was a place to watch exercise videos. So we came up with this idea to have them all in one spot and have people contribute to the collection.

What it does

The Corona Personal Trainer is a collection of online videos that people can watch and create content for by uploading their own videos. Users must be registered to reap the benefits.

How I built it

The web-client was written with React, a very comfortable language with its ES6 language and state management. React-bootstrap really helped with some of the design elements, substituting for lack of knowledge in CSS. We used Firebase for the authentication and MongoDB Atlas as our main database. Our server that handles most of the requests and routing were NodeJS with Express.

Challenges I ran into

Initially, we had ideas for client apps that spanned from web to mobile to Java, but we realized that with such a short amount of time that we had to focus our energy into at least one. The web-client was the result of that focus, and while we tried to look into a Java client, it was beyond our capabilities within the hackathon.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We are quite proud of what we learned throughout this entire process, this being our first hackathon. We messed around with a lot of things, especially Git and Java GUIs. This monstrosity of a project got pretty far even with the time limit, so we are proud of its functionality.

What I learned

We learned the true complexities behind bringing an idea to life with large bits of code. It was wonderful taking part in the hackathon, as we learned a lot about UI/UX, Machine Learning, and other things during the workshops.

What's next for Corona Personal Trainer

We will probably continue to work on the web-client and the Java client, potentially developing iOS and Android apps later down the road, while building upon the server-side functions.

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