I saw a lot of misinformation spreading around corona, like garlic will kill the virus, or showering with alcohol is good to protect yourself. Some of this misinformation is harmful, and people already died from it in my country (Egypt). I am creating this bot to stop the spread of misinformation

What it does

It answers COVID-19 related questions. It does not answer statistics questions like death rates, infection rates, etc. Examples: How to protect myself? Is garlic useful? Will warm weather stop coronavirus? Should I use UV to protect myself?

How I built it

Build a deep discovery service to get urls on WHO and CDC websites related to corona. Ingested these urls to QnA Maker Build an API service proxy over QnA Maker, this layer does query/question alterations and multi queries and pick the answer with the highest confidence, given that it's above a certain threshold.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

The hosting is done using Azure functions, which is making it very cheap for me so far. If the usage starts going up, I will migrate it to a dedicated server

What I learned

Deep discovery and crawling from websites

What's next for Corona MythBuster

Make the bot available on different channels (Skype, fb, etc.) Support different languages

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