I was learning development through HTML, CSS, JavaScript. I had made various projects and when the topic of this hackathon was told I got idea of current pandemic situation and how it has affected my college life. So I wanted hit corona virus a slap but I can't do that. so I mixed my development knowledge with my wish to hit corona virus and made this game where corona can be killed by hand sanitizer

What it does

It is a JavaScript game in which player have to use hand sanitize to kill corona virus. Use your arrow key to move left-right and spacebar to put hand sanitize. If you kill all the germs you win and save the world else you are infected and need to go in quarantine .

How we built it

I have use HTML ,CSS, JavaScript Html is to provide a structure of the game CSS for the styling of it game logic as implemented by JavaScript

Challenges we ran into

Well initial framing of idea and the flow of game was difficult to imagining. Most tough part was logic in JavaScript .

Accomplishments that we're proud of

I have attended various hackathon but this is my first project submission in any hackathon. I am very happy for my first submission.

What we learned

We have learned

  1. structuring by HTML how to use tags, attributes,
  2. styling by CSS targeting id and class and changing style properties
  3. Logic implementation by JavaScript DOM (Document object model) and many more

What's next for Corona Killer

More levels , more complexity like moving corona virus rather than static

Built With

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