Many people keep looking up news articles, statistics by country, or advice on how to protect themselves from the coronavirus outbreak. However, googling things and sifting through information is slow. What if there was a more developer friendly alternative? Turns out there is! With the ultimate developer efficiency tool, the command line, you can get instant statistics, information by country, latest news updates, and advice on how to stay safe.

What it does

We built a python application, packaged it, and released it to PyPI. It can be installed like so:

pip install corona-info

Easy to use API:

import corona_info as ci

#Get fast numbers:

#Get breakdown by country:

#Get a latest (n) bullets of news; default is 15:

#Get advice on how to stay safe:

PyPi link:

How we built it

The first challenge was gathering data. We needed a reliable website to scrape. After some digging, we a few good websites that we decided to scrape and compiled a list of useful information to present to the user. The scraping was done via the bs4 and requests libraries. The core data, such as the table of countries, was managed through a pandas dataframe. The tabulate library was used to display nicely formatted text and tables in the command line.

Challenges we ran into

Scraping the website. During the development process, we noticed that the website was changing constantly so we had to develop a dynamic scraper that can scrape all the information it needs. The second challenge we ran into was deploying the pip package as we were not familiar with how to create a .wheel file as it's needed to build a pip package.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

A thing we're proud of is that we were able to create and deploy a pip package.

What we learned

We learned a few things while we developed this project. We first learned how to create and deploy a pip package so that other developers/programmers can easily check the number of cases without having to search it on Google. In addition, we also learned how to scrape websites with more complicated html structure. Prior to this project, the entire team has had experience scraping basic websites, but this one proved to be challenging.

What's next for corona-info: command line interface 4 coronavirus education

We plan to eventually build heatmaps that can show the growth of the virus and eventually model and future of the outbreak.

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