With the increase in Covid-19 cases, the healthcare sector has experienced a shortage of PPE supplies. Many hospitals have turned to the public for donations. However, people who are willing to donate may not know what items are needed, which hospitals need it urgently, or even how to donate.

What it does

Corona Helping Hands is a real-time website that sources data directly from hospitals and ranks their needs based on bed capacity and urgency of necessary items. An interested donor can visit the website and see the hospitals in their area that are accepting donations, what specific items, and how to donate.

How we built it

We built the donation web application using:

1) HTML/ CSS/ Bootstrap (Frontend Web Development)

2) Flask (Backend Web Development)

3) Python (Back-End Language)

Challenges we ran into

We ran into issues getting integrating our map with the HTML page. Taking data and displaying it on the web application was not easy at first, but we were able to pull it off at the end.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

None of us had a lot of experience in frontend web development, so that was challenging for all of us. However, we were able to complete a web application by the end of this hackathon which we are all proud of. We are also proud of creating a platform that can help users help hospitals in need and give them an easy way to figure out how to donate.

What we learned

This was most of our first times working with web development, so we learned a lot on that aspect of the project. We also learned how to integrate an API with our project to show real-time data.

What's next for Corona Helping Hands

We hope to further improve our web application by integrating data from across the nation. We would also like to further improve on the UI/UX of the app to enhance the user experience.

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