After reading numerous articles about health organizations handling of the pandemic, it was clear a smartphone app that gamed people into better hygiene and social habits would work much better than the current static informational websites.

What it does

Corona Fighter uses gamification to help people develop better hygiene and social habits to avoid infection.

How I built it

Corona Fighter is built with React-Native for iOS and Android.

Challenges I ran into

Finding a simple background location tracking library for React Native (I ended up writing my own).

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Super short time to delivery - cranked Corona Fighter out in a weekend.

What I learned

Submitting a health app can be hard - both Apple and Google have rejected it until I can find a sponsor

What's next for Corona Fighter

We need to get it published, and engage health organizations to provide hygiene guidance applicable to countries and regions as our response needs change. For example, during the "Hammer" phase of heavy lockdown the guidance is different than the "Dance" phase of local flare-ups.

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