I got inspired to work on the project when I was having a lot of information from different people about what COVID-19 was all about and the measures to be taken to be safe. Most of the time, most of the information from individuals was faulty and thus I decided to search and get information about the virus and how to prevent it.

What it does

The main aim is that the users grasp the information from the app in less than no time when necessary. These parts(screens) include

  • Protect Yourself and Others
  • Stay safe while traveling
  • Get ready For COVID-19
  • Food Safety

These screens mainly present pictures explaining how people can protect themselves in various ways and the purpose is that pictures tell better stories than words. All images are gotten from the WHO website

These are all offline to minimize the need for internet connectivity in areas where there might be a poor network

The other screen which is very important as well is is the Frequently asked questions(FAQ) screen where the necessary answered questions about COVID-19 is presented. All of these again are gotten from the FAQ section of the WHO website and made available offline so that the public can still be on alert while offline

How I built it

The app was built using the Android navigation component and Kotlin. The first step was creating the project in Android studio and adding all necessary dependencies and building the statistics screen. The other screens were built incrementally by getting information from the WHO website and making available in the app through images as well as saving to markdown files.

Challenges I ran into

I ran into some challenges of whether to use custom views or not(which would have made the app a little complex). Also, the initial structuring of the app became a problem and I had to switch from bottom navigation to navigation drawer since there were more than 5 screens.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

The first accomplishment I am most proud of is that at least I have contributed a part as a developer to the fight against COVID-19 and if this information reaches one or two people out there, it serves a great purpose of tackling misinformation about COVID.

What I learned

In the process of building, I did not just learn only new ways of presenting information on Android like using Markdown but also preventive measures for COVID.

What's next for Corona Feed

The next steps for Corona Feed include adding French and other languages to the app as well as making a version for iOS so that the app can be available to more people

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