For Hacktech, I created a way to receive live updates about Coronavirus to enhance personal awareness and preparation. A platform called Johnny-Five for robotics and IoT allows JavaScript code to be run on an Arduino. Using the ArcGIS JavaScript API, local data about confirmed cases, deaths and recoveries are transferred over the web to a display connected to an Arduino. The data is represented as dots on a map on the display, and in the future the device will periodically produce a sound indiciating new local cases using the attached speaker. Node.js was set up using the Hacktech hackpack. PubNub provides the communication infrastructure for the web server and the Arduino board to transfer the data. The user can currently choose between Los Angeles and San Francisco to display data.

I had not used JavaScript on hardware before and had to solve a plethora of bugs. Coming up with a helpful way to display the data took consideration. The JavaScript code to update the display was heavily complicated. It was necessary to understand the JS and communication infrastructure in other projects. Setting up Node for the first time took time. The wiring presented challenges. I learned a lot about Node, improved my JS knowledge, and can better handle Arduino hardware.

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