There are many apps on the market that base themselves around informing the public of Corona, but for a vast majority, the applications don't go further than displaying some simple statistics displaying the dangers of Corona. Not many steps in to actually help the public battle the spread of Corona and Corona Central strives to take a big step in the field where it not only just shows data but also aids the public in the fight.

What it does

Social distancing is one of the main weapons we have against Corona, and unfortunately, it is becoming an increasingly smaller priority in society, and Corona Central is the perfect tool to battle the lack of social distancing. Given any public place -- anything from a voting poll to the gym to a restaurant-- Corona Central is capable of returning real-time, accurate data of the busyness of a given place, as well as forecasting how bustling the place will be in the near future. With this information, users can appropriately plan out their outings by first checking how much of a risk the place will be at the given time, and thus greatly help social distancing.

One of the many uses cases can be found in voting -- many voting locations have dozens, sometimes even hundreds, of people standing in line in closed buildings, something that does not scream social distancing. With a specialized feature, Corona Central can provide locations of nearby voting polls ad their corresponding busyness in seconds, helping voters find the safest place to vote while also ensuring safety

How we built it

We used a slightly unorthodox approach - a Swift frontend on X code, a backend in NestJS, paired with a FireBase database for storing data and user Auth. We scoured through many API documentation in order to find the right data, and ultimately used a combination of several APIs to get the perfect data, which was reformatted in NestJS and sent to the front end.

The UI aims to be simplistic and minimalistic and gives users exactly the amount of data they need rather than bombarding them with all data available. The single main screen makes navigating it effortless and provides for a very straightforward experience.

Challenges we ran into

Making sure every part of the tech stack worked together and figuring out how the APIs would interact with each other in order to get busyness data was tough at times.

Accomplishments that we're proud of and what we learned

As a brand new team with several members having little experience, we were very proud of our work. We got much further than we ever thought we did, and it's got us hungry for more hackathons in the future. We learned more about full-stack development in the span of 30 hours than we have ever had and learned some invaluable lessons that will no doubt help us perform better in the future

What's next for Corona Central

Corona Central is an app with an endless amount of use cases. Besides helping battle this pandemic, it can be one of the central apps to help with future possible pandemics as well. We are just the positive concept of finding the "busyness" of any place is a pool of unexplored potential that can aid the creation of many other projects.

In fact, many use cases even extend beyond Corona, want to go to a restaurant for dinner but not sure how long it'll take to get seated? Check the Corona Central. Want to go to the DPS but don't want to stand in line for 2 hours? Take a look at Corona Central. Given different contexts, Corona Central can be a simple, yet powerful tool in the future.

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