Developed by a group of experts, united in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic, "Corona Bot" is a chatbot which provides citizens with free answers and advice available 24/7. This virtual agent, based on Artificial Intelligence, is able to respond to different requests from users, can advise them to comply with the protection guidelines against Covid 19, help them better assess the situation of the pandemic in Tunisia, and in around world, and above all reassure them by fighting rumors and fake news.

It will put the user in contact with a group of doctors, generalists, specialists and psychologists, mobilized to answer citizens' questions from their homes, which will protect them themselves from the contagion.

It also allow online Corona testing by asking the bot for a test.

More than a series of preprogrammed messages, "Corona bot" is also able to react to all kinds of requests. This is how he can tell you anecdotes if you are bored in these times of confinement.

You only need to chat with "Corona bot" via Messenger to understand the symptoms of the viral disease, to have protection instructions, to receive regular updates on the situation, or to contact doctors for more details.

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