Necessity to gather and filter information during a pandemic.

What it does

  1. Take in the symptoms and suggest if the person can be positive or negative. A chat bot is created to provide this service.
  2. In case, person wishes to go for a test, suggest the nearby testing centers and the services being offered.
  3. Show Trend of the corona cases in the region.
  4. Show the trends on each day with a option to zoom and pin the graph. ## How we built it Using AWS lex to build the chatbot and python scraping to access dynamic data, angular JS to build the site ## Challenges we ran into
  5. Integration of various services into a website like a chatbot.
  6. Scraping various sites to get accurate data ## Accomplishments that we're proud of
  7. Chatbot that could effectively suggest
  8. Maximized the amount of data visualized within the given time constraints. ## What we learned
  9. Various new technologies like google services
  10. Team Work ## What's next for CORONA AWARENESS (BE AWARE BE SAFE)
  11. Gathering services within a hospital and pharmacies near to the user.
  12. Scraping e-sites to get further extensive data.
  13. Gamifying Corona to spread Awareness ( A drive that suggests user for a helmet(mask), careful driving not encountering with others(Social Distancing))
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