COVID-19 has severely affected many lives around the world and has been a cause of anxiety for many. Coromania brings the player a lighthearted adventure combining COVID-19 educational tips to stay safe along with an exciting adventure game. Using lofi-themed soundtracks and wholesomely adorable visuals, Coronamia provides a sense of relaxation and calmness for the player, as well as a stress-relief getaway while heroically fighting covid cells.


What it does

With the help of hand sanitizer, soap, masks, and more mighty tools, fight Corona cells to advance to the next level! Coromania takes you on the adventure of Coro, the protagonist, who collects items that keep him safe and give him strength to fight against covid cells. Collecting those items gives Coro points that could be used to shoot the enemy. By left-clicking the mouse key, Coro is able to shoot at covid cells. Educational intersessions are loaded in between levels that provide the player with tips to stay safe against COVID-19 and reduce its spread, such as proper handwashing mechanisms.


How we built it

Coromania was built using 2D Unity Game Engine in a platform-style game. Various art from the Unity Asset Store was utilized to match the calming aesthetic of the game. VS Code was used for coding the C# script to establish player movements, enemy health, a point system, an interactive UI, and more. We gave the player smooth transitions in movement thanks to Unity's animation system, where the player is able to switch from walking to jumping and shooting.


Challenges we ran into

One challenge we ran through is reformatting the many different pixel art dimensions to match the game dimensions, which was because of the many different art sprites used to build the aesthetic theme of the game. Another challenge was the many different confusing layers of the game, such as variations of the background and foreground, which often got mixed up and had to be redone again. It was difficult to ensure smooth transitions between player movements, but we perfected the animation of each player movement to ensure it looks natural.


Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of building the adventure game in such a short period of time, especially since we didn't have much experience with platform 2D games which made it difficult to navigate at first. We are very proud of the small details which make the game all the more interesting and immersive, such as the background soundtrack for each scene, the button clicking sounds, and the death animations.


What we learned

We learned how to use Unity's animation system to transition between player movements smoothly. We also gained a better understanding of how platform games function. We learned how to use UI in Unity, and how to import GUI sprites and fonts for a better user viewing experience.


What's next for Coromania

We would like to include more levels, as there are only a couple of limited levels currently. Player customization was also our goal before we ran out of time, as we were planning on having a coin system generated from dead covid cells that allow the player to purchase new customizations. We would also like to have a mini tutorial of the game at the beginning to ensure it is as user-friendly as possible, and to go over the mechanics of the game.

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