The challenge of business to go back to normal condition post lockdown is enormous. Sectors like hospitality and hotels face the most severe blow as convincing travelers of safety is big task. They have to find innovative ways that are cost effective and helpful to visitors. We wish to help them.

What it does

We gather data of all practices build by various hoteliers across globe. This data is rated and reviewed by all stakeholders. An AI platform scores data based on factors such as Log source, views, comments quality, community engagement, citations etc. Then it organizes content based on filters such as location, treatment methods, property type etc. Finally personalizes the information and best practices for sharing with community.

How I built it

We plan to use AWS AI and Machine Learning platform. Data will be collected via portal and mobile app

Challenges I ran into

We wanted solution to be large enough to help everyone. Global yet practical for everyone to adopt was our core idea.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

ConFight can be extended to other sectors such as Aviation, Event Management, Educational Institutes or Catering businesses to reopen. But most promising being if extended to Medical community can help find a vaccine faster

What I learned

The best chance to save the world is through unbiased information sharing

What's next for CoroFight - Advance Information Sharing Platform

Build a complete website and app, integrate it with best AI tools available

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