I wanted to learn web-scraping, and I saw a website of my university that shows reliable projection covid-19 cases, based on mathematical models. So I found that it would be so interesting to create a twitter bot(where everyone can access) that gives that information. Also I found an API that gives real time information about the coronavirus and I used it.

What it does

  1. Reply with a real time information about covid-19 in the country specified.
  2. Reply with a projection of the covid-19 for the next three days on catalonia, spain or europe.

How I built it

I used the Tweepy API and Python and I also used WebScraping to extract the information about the prediction in this realiable web:

Challenges I ran into

At the start of the hackaton i didn't know web scraping, so the part of extracting information of the website was a bit difficult.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Learning how to web-scraping Work with APIs

What I learned

How to create a Twitter Bot Know more about Python Data Scraping on web Connection to an API

What's next for Corobot-19

It should be great to implement a cache, to avoid unnecessary access to the covid-19 API.

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