Created by Erik Skoog, Chris McLain, and Emma Hubka


SpellMate is a program that aims to help encourage young children to practice their grammar abilities and make studying more fun. The program contains three games and includes an option for teachers to implement word lists of their own for spelling-based games.

Game One: Hangman

Our hangman comes preloaded with thousands of words to practice, however, we also have a built-in teacher function, allowing teachers to upload word lists of their own. When uploading a list, teachers are given a specific link that can be sent for students to play. Each player gets nine attempts to guess every correct letter per round.

Game Two: Fill In The Bl_nk

This game offers students with four separate categories to play. Each category has 10 questions stored, but randomly selects six of them for the student to answer. Because of how specific the game is, it currently does not support the teacher import function.

Game Three: Unscramble

The unscramble game challenges the user by randomly switching a word's character position, and making the user attempt to decipher the original word. This game comes pre-loaded with the same standard word bank as Hangman, and also allows for access with the teacher import function.


SpellMate was created in Kotlin, Bootstrap, and js-cookie. The program executes in an HTML browser.

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