Looking for the nearest color printer that is 25 cents or less per page? Check out Cornell Printers to fulfill all your printer-finding needs.

What it does

Cornell Printers is a one-page website that displays a Google Map centered at your current location, along with markers to the Net-Print printers around campus. Printers can be filtered by color (Black/White or Color) and price. Below the map is a table of all Net-Pay printers that can be sorted by other details including dpi and whether it prints single/double-sided.

How I built it

Website was built using Cornell's Net-Print printers list, AngularJS, and Google Maps.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I now finally know where to find printers on campus.

What I learned

AngularJS and how to use the Google Maps API.

What's next for Cornell Printers

Getting more accurate locations of the printers. Maybe live data of the status of the printers from link. Possibly "recommending" nearest printers, but the map alone might be sufficient.

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