We all love Google Docs and Microsoft Excel, but trying to plan your future course enrollments and how you'll fulfill your requirements all in lined documents or spreadsheets isn't always easy or fun. We wanted to make a user-friendly application that could help quicken and facilitate the process of going through different course combination options for the future.

What it does

CoursePlan allows students to plan what courses they may take in future semesters. It also allows students to keep track of what requirements they need to fulfill for graduation or completing a major, and allows them to plan which classes they can take in the future to fulfill those requirements.

How we built it

First we scraped the Cornell course roster to compile a database that we used throughout the web application. Then we worked simultaneously on design and implementation of different views of the application. We first implemented login/account creation, then worked on allowing users to add courses to their plan, and finally on the requirements tracker panel.

Challenges we ran into

We definitely ran into roadbumps as we were trying to quickly learn technologies unfamilar to us, such as using Python's sqlite3 and using AJAX methods in javascript. We also found that there were so many things we wish we could do that we wouldn't have time for, and deciding which things we most wanted to include on the website was particularly challenging.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We're proud of our streamline UI/UX design, and our ability to learn technologies new to us such as scraping with Python and using sqlite3, along with learning about unfamilar javascript and php functionalities.

What I learned

We learned that we worked pretty well as a team! And of course we learned a lot about the technologies mentioned above. We also gained our first experience of working on a pretty big project with a major time limitation.

What's next for Cornell CoursePlan

Perhaps adding smarter functionality such as automatically informing users if they add a class to their plan without adding a prerequisite, or maybe adding smart search filtering through the course catalog that would include things such as estimated median grades or professor ratings.

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