We see a lot of information in English about COV19 but there are genuine misconceptions in people not speaking that language. Also, a lot of people are scrambling for food and sources in our country (India), while the food source could be just a few blocks away. We found there could be a way to bridge this communication gap

What it does

We built a chatbot that can communicate in 3 languages as of now - English, Hindi and Telugu. We are adding more. The bot touches upon these topics:

  1. Myth-busting
  2. Stats of infection
  3. Helpline numbers
  4. Food sources around you (in progress)

How I built it

Using simple google spreadsheets and Hybrid.Chat platform (a bot-building platform)

Challenges I ran into

A lot of data is scattered around on government websites, published as non-parseable PDFs, which I am trying to compile for the same.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Being able to translate it successfully in 2 other regional languages, other than English.

What's next for Cori - Multi-Lingual Chatbot for Cov19

Enlisting Food sources around you (in progress)

Built With

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