A mobile game named travelling frog brings us with new understandings on relationship among people. Our game is a spiritual descendent of it!

What it does

Created a brand new cozy way to social. Share your favorite creation with people from all over the world, while enjoying the warm greetings from cute corgis and their owners. Your pet will also travel around the world and bring back people's favorite song/videos/artworks and so on. You can even write a brief thank you note to establish a new friendship!

How we built it

  • IPFS for file storage and transmission
  • Flask for server side
  • Electron and Angular for client side

Challenges we ran into

  • Run people's pet agents on server and synchronize the states with clients.
  • Use IPFS as file system and manage files' metadata.
  • Apply a huge frontend framework(yes, angular) for a prototype.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Built a memory-based data structure to satisfy the requirement of our project's multiplayer game nature.
  • Realized data synchronization between an autonomous game server that controls corgi state machines and a common webserver that provides rest game api.
  • Made our first step to a UI/Logo designer.

What we learned

  • Practical skills on angular and electron.
  • Concepts and technologies on P2P network, including Inter-planetory File System(IPFS) and BitTorrent.
  • How to apply UML to system interface design.

What's next for Corgi World

Use better model (we haven't even got a database yet!) Better UI and cuter images. Mobile version Put it onto Appstore/Android Market

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