We were inspired by CitrusHack and their passion for corgis, and so we decided to make a wholesome exploratory adventure starring one!

What it does

You play as Corgi, who got lost in the city after daydreaming too much in the sun. Find your way home by collecting butterflies and following the trail of oranges, and explore many locations along the way!

How I built it

We used Unity / C# for the game-related parts and Aseprite to create original sprites. Git was our version control software of choice! We also used some royalty-free sprites from and Google.

Challenges I ran into

We definitely had a hard time with planning the scope of the game. Even though we decided on a "Minimum Viable Experience", there were still features that we missed.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I am proud of the original spritework for Corgi and many objects! We animated by hand Corgi's many expressions and it was great to see how it turned out.

What I learned

We learned to definitely scope smaller next time and know our limits (in both experience and lack of sleep)!

What's next for Corgi Adventure!

We may finish the features we could not accomplish and release it as a full game.

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