💡 Inspiration

Small Businesses are a vital part of our local communities. We understand the difficulties faced in the transition to a digital-first environment. CoreX was built on the foundation of alleviating the complex difficulties of technical tracking and replacing consultants for SEO and Financial management. This is truly a safe, secure and decentralized platform to enable high returns and good practices to the digital workplace.

⚙️ What it does

CoreX is a platform used to help online businesses track and store data safely so that the owner has full knowledge and control over their business statistics on an external yet decentralized platform. This can be done by using the E-Commerce website analysis AI, which provides intel on the website stats. There’s also a financial ratings AI, which provides intel on the company's financial state. Financial report features also help companies formulate a written copy based on the data. The best part is that it is all done on a single decentralized platform, so that the company’s data is not only secure, but locally stored in a single location. We feel that this will benefit local businesses a lot in managing and improving their businesses.

💻 How we built it

  • The web app was built with ReactJS, NodeJS and Redux. It utilizes JWT Authentication and combines all factors of the project
  • The ML and AI developments were built through Python, Streamlit, Scikit-Learn, Pandas, and Numpy. These were used for SEO Analysis and Financial Forecasting
  • Our custom decentralized database (XDB) was built with Python and is directly connected to the ML model's algorithm
  • Devpost/Slidedeck graphics made with Photoshop and Figma

🚨 Challenges we ran into

The largest challenge was with deploying the web app. At first, there were several errors which we were able to resolve, however, we came to realize that deploying this full-stack application would not be possible on Heroku as one team member ran out of hours and the rest did not have time to set it up properly. As a result, we decided to provide an in-depth explanation of the platform while screen sharing our localhost!

🏆 Accomplishments that we're proud of

Each of us are incredibly proud of our work. Rajan: This was one of the first times I've deployed a functional full stack application in a weekend hackathon, which was a big deal for me! Veer: I usually only develop one ML model, but I was able to integrate 3 seamlessly onto the site. Jaival: Normally, I create a simple Python project, but this time I was able to develop our own database (XDB) and sync it with our ML model. Sahej: This was my first ever hackathon, and although I did not have much code input, I was excited to help with idea development, graphics and presentation strategy!

📈 What's next for CoreX

The next step will be to integrate our database (XDB) with the server to avoid having to create a new page for it. Additionally, getting our hands-on software such as OpenAI to interpret written data instead of strictly manually adding numerical data would create an easier experience on the user's end. Regardless, these are minor issues and the platform as a whole function as if it could be released the next day!

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