The main inspiration behind making the event handling website is the RSO that I'm currently involved in. We have an RSO called Nepalese Student Association, and it is one of the biggest RSO on campus, but the event organization hasn't been done smoothly. It's because of lots of tasks to be done at once. So its really difficult to track those tasks. So what I created is a website that manages these tasks smoothly. All the members who are assigned certain tasks are able to update on what they did on their end. This makes less confusion and task more clear. It saves time and handles events smoothly.

The website is a platform to add an event and give tasks to each event. Once the tasks are completed, one can mark it complete and move on to the next task. It makes the event handling process more smooth by managing them.

I used django framework of python to develop the backend and HTML/CSS, and javascript for the frontend. I've used SQL for the database.

My challenges in this project were integrating individual task comments on the event details page, and also the forms on the same page. Since this is my first hackathon, and I haven't had any major experience in Django, it took some time for me to figure it out.

With constant dedication, I was able to make it work and turns out its really good.

I learnt to handle the pressure and also got more familiar with the concepts of web development using django.

I'll definitely use CorEvents on my college RSO. I believe it will have a great impact on our organization. Once I think its ready for all other organizations, I'll make it available across all campus.

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