CoreSpring Formative Assessment is a tool that turns shared item banking and formative assessment upside down.

Educators spend too much time creating items and assessments, while content from crowdsourced and unvetted banks often don't pay off. With CoreSpring Formative Assessment, educators can search CoreSpring’s shared bank of items sourced from trusted providers. CoreSpring items are stored using a common template so that educators can find and compare content using important criteria (e.g., aligned standards, Bloom’s Taxonomy, key skills, and demonstrated knowledge). CoreSpring uses innovate item types that allow for practice of important college and career-ready skills.

CoreSpring Formative Assessment doesn’t require bubble sheets, scanners, cameras, or other contraptions typically used to capture and score responses, all that’s needed is a browser-capable device. Items are “played” in CoreSpring’s item player, much like a YouTube video is displayed in Facebook, and as soon as a student responds to an assessment question, the response is scored, stored, and ready for immediate review. For ultimate ease, CoreSpring Formative Assessment integrates with Clever and InBloom for up-to-date access to rosters.

When monitoring results in CoreSpring Formative Assessment, educators can conduct preliminary item analysis to understand student outcomes more clearly. For example, educators can review aggregate information such as the “top 5 common incorrect answers” or individual student work, with just a click.

CoreSpring Formative Assessment lets educators, students, and parents understand how learning is progressing so that it can be tailored to address individual needs.

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