Problem Statement:

This app idea came out of the pain that I faced during a recent shopping trip. I was looking to buy a really small item which cost around a couple dollars (ex: Car Freshener Vent Clips that you hook on AC vents).

Problem Scenario:

I ended up going to the nearest Walmart, spent sometime to find parking before I could enter the store. Once inside the store, I got lost among the aisles before I could finally locate the aisle and rack where these Vent Clips were. Not only did I have to stand in the line to pay for it but I also ended up hanging out around other aisles to check out some more stuff and do some window shopping.


My only objective at that moment was to get this car freshener. But I ended up spending more than an hour driving to the store, finding parking, finding the right aisle, spending time in the store for paying and finally driving back home, just to buy something really small.

Current Options: Sure, I can buy the car freshener online and have it shipped within hours with local delivery these day. But it wont be delivered until a few hours plus I have to pay for shipping. How about if I want to get an item from 7-11 or a small mom and pop store ? Not all stores support local delivery yet.

What if - there was a way for me to find shoppers who live near my neighborhood and who are currently shopping at my favorite store? When I want to purchase an item from that store I could send them a request to buy it for me to deliver it to my house!

Solution: Introducing Coreloop (Collaborative Realtime Location-based Shopping) ... we have an app for this :-) ...

Current Features:

  • Clover Merchant / Inventory Integration to fetch Merchant and Inventory.
  • Weather Underground Integration to display weather.
  • Evernote Integration to save/retrieve shopping list.
  • Sinch Integration for App-to-App IM to send notifications.
  • Intuitive Native Android UI.


  • Saves time for buyer @ home.
  • Less traffic and crowd @ stores with no impact to sales.
  • Less cars on the road, hence it is a green solution.
  • Evangelizes Collaborative Economy
  • Incentivize Shoppers to shop at stores and deliver.
  • Delivery within minutes.

More to come:

  • Realtime tracking of deliverables on map like Uber.
  • Push notifications to notify when the items are at the door.
  • Payments and Incentive options.
  • Express Delivery Options.
  • App-to-App Calling

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