Core Skills Mastery (CSM), available through, is a free web-based adaptive course that can be used on its own or as a supplement to an existing class to prepare students for success in high school.

CSM fills in students’ gaps in math and literacy skills, but it also recognizes that these gaps developed because students have other issues as well. Students often don’t know how to learn actively and independently, especially through reading, and they don’t have attitudes like persistence and confidence that are needed to engage in learning. CSM addresses these issues while working to strengthen students’ math and literacy skills.

CSM’s curriculum integrates math, literacy, and problem-solving. The innovative technology uses continuous formative assessment of every question answered to send each student to the right skills at the right time, going all the way down to 3rd grade math and 6th grade literacy when needed. It also offers optional Challenge Problems up to college level difficulty, which are focused on real people doing real jobs. Students can take on challenges in nursing, journalism, detective work, and business ownership, using the skills they acquired in the core curriculum.

CSM’s instruction is cutting edge, and collects data on students’ skill mastery, effort, learning decisions and reading effectiveness with every question answered. The system also encourages students to think about their own learning patterns and progressively use their resources to make better learning decisions.

CSM’s Teacher Toolkit focuses on more than just skills by also providing teachers with instant data such as focus levels, reading habits, and learning decisions. In addition, CSM allows teachers to see extremely detailed information on skills, including the specific thinking errors that students made on individual problems. CSM also provides intervention ideas that allow teachers to work with students at optimal times to help them continuously improve their learning strategies and move forward.

CSM is entirely free for schools, including extensive professional development and teacher support. For best use or questions about getting started, contact a CSM Implementation Specialist through

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