Whenever I talk to my friends, I hear that they have nothing to do at home, and that they are constantly sore, and at fitness levels worse than before the pandemic started. That's what inspired me to create Core Health.

What it does

Core Health provides users with a personalized diet and workout plan based on a quiz that they take on specific body parts, such as their abdomens, chest, heart, legs, and arms. This quiz is only 5 questions, and is uncomplicated. After taking the quiz, users get a score. Based on that score, users get a specific diet and workout plan for different body parts. An additional feature in the workout plans includes an "archive", which allows users to click the name of a workout and see what it is, if they are unsure of it.

How I built it

With this website, I decided to simply use pure HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. The JavaScript was used to make the cH (core health) quiz. The HTML and CSS, obviously, was for the UI. I had several HTML pages for the different workout and diet plans, and just one CSS stylesheet for all of the pages.

Challenges I ran into

During the creation of my project, I was unhappy with the look of the site. I believed that it looked very plain, so I decided to use many other creative HTML features, such as the typewriter feature for the title, in order to seem more attractive to users visiting the page for the first time.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I'm proud of the many unique HTML and CSS features that I incorporated into my site, as they make it look more professional, and possibly better than many of the eHealth sites we see today. Additionally, many of the recommended diets are based on lots of research that I did with good foods from each food group for different body parts from physical health experts, professional body-builders, and dieticians.

What I learned

I learned a lot about HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and website making in general. I am a beginner in the web development aspect of computer science, and I learned about many features in these languages that I will definitely use in my future projects.

What's next for Core Health

I am planning to also learn Swift, so that I can launch CoreHealth onto the iOS app store. This would make the user-experience on the phone more enjoyable.

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