We want to learn and save lives through tech

What it does

The website allows health centers, non profit organizations and blood banks/centers track possible or future donors of blood that can help save lives

How we built it

HTML and CSS were used specifically with the Wappler platform and online platforms were used for research

Challenges we ran into

The team comprised of beginners who only knew how to code with C and Pascal; languages that would not aid in providing a GUI, so we had to learn how to use these new languages and platforms while developing a functional, creative and unique application

Accomplishments that we're proud of

That we managed to learn some aspects of the languages and platforms while coding a website

What we learned

We picked up on some knowledge on how to use these languages and platforms and how to create web app, mobile app and website

What's next for Core Donate

Possibly an organization will be interested in the idea and would love to expound on it

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