Healthcare has been evolving and the advent of precision medicine approaches requires better modeling. There is a clear role for AI and ML in healthcare and drug discovery, but approaches are currently homebrewed, siloed, and have to contend with privacy regulations. 3D Medical Imaging, in particular, remains a field of interest in the field of medicine and is of paramount importance to both caregivers and patients if this process can be optimized.

Flapmax leverages 5G to offer customers a decentralized platform that can compute in a cost effective and energy efficient manner. As a result, researchers and clinicians can use Flapmax’s Coral Imaging platform to carry out their analyses in a more streamlined, integrated fashion, allowing radiologists and other medical practitioners to be more efficient during imaging exams, ultimately reducing the cost of medical care for patients.

What it does

Collects and manages data at the edge and performs Inference on 3D Medical Images, including helping medical professionals in predicting the presence of cancerous cells in human organs. In this example, brain tumor. It also supports multi-institutional collaboration and federated learning without sharing patient data.

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