UPDATE: In order to pass Amazon Alexa certification, I had to add the word "bucks" to the invocation name. Now to start Cora you will have to say: Alexa, open Cora Bucks.

The video makes reference to real money. The actual skill has been modified to use a fake currency called "Cora bucks". Also, name has been renamed to nickname.


Cora was built to fulfill a need. My kids are always looking for ways to make money (Cora bucks). They have their responsibilities, but we also offer them rewards for doing extra chores.

What it does

Cora is a chore tracker for kids to find chores and keep track of how many Cora bucks they've earned. It is made to work exclusively with Amazon Alexa. The voice interface makes it really easy for kids of all ages to find chores and keep track of their Cora bucks balance. Parents can later trade "Core bucks" for real rewards.

How I built it

I used nodej.s as the main platform. The Alexa skill communicates with a custom Javascript Lambda server. This server also hosts a mobile-friendly Web app that it is used to add chores, users and keep track of balances.

Challenges I ran into

Alexa skills with states are a bit tricky. Alexa certification has a few gotchas.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

The ability to link a Cora account with your Alexa. Alexa To-do list integration and SMS notifications.

What I learned

I finally have a sweet set up to develop and test Alexa skills in real time.

What's next for Cora

I hope other families can benefit from using Cora as well. My kids love it!

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