The COR-12™ mobile application for iOS and Android is created to support people in recovery from opioid use disorder. It can be used during treatment or as an aftercare tool to provide continued guidance to people during the critical 12 months after treatment. The app is based on the Nationally Recognized COR-12™ Treatment Program Endorsed by the White House National Drug Control Strategy (more about the COR-12™ Treatment Program at the end of this document).

COR-12™ is designed specifically to address the unique challenges of people in recovery from opioid addiction. These clients often face strong cravings that can last for an extended time, they may use a prescription medication to manage withdrawal and cravings, and they have high mortality rates from accidental overdose if they return to opioid use.

The COR-12™ app offers a daily action plan and daily reminder to help people continue to practice the healthy strategies they learned in treatment. The daily action plans include guidance on utilizing peer support, handling cravings, avoiding high-risk situations, dealing with challenging emotions and situations, understanding the dangers of returning to opioid use, the role of medication-assisted treatment, and many more. Inspiring videos help clients focus on positive messages and learn from experts and others who have been successful in opioid recovery. People use the COR-12™ app to stay inspired, manage cravings, set goals, avoid relapse, and easily reach out to their support system.

The goals of the COR-12™ app are to: • Transition COR-12™ participants from inpatient treatment through their first year of recovery. • Address the unique experiences and challenges of people in recovery from opioid addiction. • Achieve higher recovery success rates and higher engagement with medication-assisted treatment (MAT) programs and recovery supports, such as Twelve Step meetings. • Help participants learn and sustain healthy habits supportive to their recovery.

App Feature Summary:

Today: Access a new, inspiring daily message and action plan each day specifically for people in recovery from opioid use disorder. Save and retrieve your favorite daily messages and share them with a friend. Set a daily reminder to start each day by meditating on the daily message.

Track: Spot trends in what’s going well and what’s holding you back by tracking your obstacles (such as stress, anger, and isolation) and PowerUps (such as meetings, mediation, and exercise).

12 Steps: Quickly access a list of the Twelve Steps. Learn how to work each Step and understand when you are ready to move to the next Step.

Videos: Hear positive messages from recovery experts and others in recovery from opioid addiction.

Meeting: Find a Narcotics Anonymous, Nar-Anon, or Alcoholics Anonymous meeting nearby.

Sober Counter: Enter your sober birthday and celebrate every minute free from opioids.

Craving: Upload images of family, friends, and passions as your own customized flashcards that keep you motivated and focused on reasons for staying sober.

SOS: Reach out to your support system, such as a sponsor, at the touch of the SOS button.

Relapse: Know what causes relapse and create your customized relapse prevention plan.

What is the Comprehensive Opioid Response with the Twelve Steps (COR-12™)? COR-12™ is a program created under the leadership of Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation’s chief medical officer, Marv Seppala, MD, to create a new treatment protocol to address the specific needs of opioid-dependent patients. The new protocol, Comprehensive Opioid Response with the Twelve Steps (COR-12™) embraces the latest and best research that indicates certain medications can be used to improve treatment engagement and future recovery outcomes for people with opioid use disorders.

Hazelden Publishing, a division of the Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation, now offers the COR-12™ app as the recovery support component of the larger COR-12™ treatment solution set.

App Engagement The COR-12™ app measures user engagement. This engagement data measurement shows how often the client is using the app and which areas of the app they are using the most, via unique app ID. Analytics on use of the app suggest that many clients open the app daily and use the daily message as part of their daily recovery practice, and that daily reminder notifications increase engagement. Users also engage in sharing daily messages with others. All of our apps are 4 or 5 star rated by consumers.

Health System Integration The app tracks client engagement data, including feature use and relapse occurrence as reported by resetting the Sober Counter. This information is stored in a database that is ready to export as an Excel spreadsheet, or integrate via API with an EHR or PHR. The SOS tool’s Contact List can be prepopulated with counselors or other health providers. The relapse prevention and response plans can also be prepopulated or can be input with the help of a counselor.

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