CopyBoard Web is a web app that allow users to share text accoss mobile and desktop




What is CopyBoard?

  • It is a Android App and also a Web App that allows users to share text data across Mobile and Desktop at Realtime.

How it Works?

  • So user copies or writes a text note into the app and that note get stored at cloud database.
  • And fetches it to all the devices in which uses is logged in.

What are the Technologies and frameworks used in this project?

  • For Web App :
  • Material Design Lite for UI
  • Firestore for Database
  • Django for Backend
  • For Android App :
  • Flutter for UI and Logic
  • Firebase for Database

What i learned by doing this project?

  • I learned :
  • Django web app development
  • Django Firebase integration
  • Hosting Django app on #Heroku
  • Flutter Firebase integration
  • Flutter State Management
  • Flutter Routes

Web App Link :

Android App Link :

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