Cyberpunk future, police trying not to solve crimes, but to prevent them before they are done. Utilizing space-time traveling technologies two policeman protect city of the future; However, not everything goes well and colleagues are lost in opposites space-time. Your mission is to unravel city labyrinth and reach the portal to unite them.

The main idea is that player controls two characters are located on the same play-field, with the same escape point (portal between realities), but with different labyrinth obstacles (parallel realities). Everything happens on the same screen, and change between play-fields happens by pressing space button in real time. Each player have their own obstacles (closed door); However, only team-mate can help to overcome those obstacles (stand on floor button to open door in different reality).

From design perspective project is done in 80's retrowave style imitating old-school games.

Project submitted to Junction 2018

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